Principal Investigator

Hesheng Liu
Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School & Massachusetts General Hospital
Director, Laboratory For the Study of the Brain Basis of Individual Differences

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We are always looking for highly-motivated students with a strong background in neuroscience or engineering. Students who are interested in understanding the human brain network organization and network disruptions in brain diseases are encouraged to apply.

Current Personnel

Danhong Wang
Curriculum vitae.pdf

Sophia Stoecklein (nee Mueller)

Franziska Schoppe

Louisa Dahmani

Meiling Li

Kangcheng Wang

Changgeng He

Jianxun Ren

Lunhao Shen

Liang Gong

Junchao Li

Hongfeng Wang

Ruiqi Pan


  • Yuxiang Yan
  • Seda Dumlu
  • Xiaolong Peng
  • Chen Zhao
  • Qi Liu
  • Lingli Zeng
  • Tianyi Qian
  • WeiSun
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