Research Project Imager Accounts

An account will be created for every project conducted on the Martinos Center research imaging systems. To propose a new project and set up an account for the project, fill out the account application form and submit the appropriate IRB materials to Karen Dervin. Once an account is established, you may begin scanning immediately, during independent operator slots or other time slots that become available. Current magnet, MEG and TMS schedules are posted online.

Project Codes

Accounts will be assigned a three-digit project ID code. A single investigator will have as many accounts as s/he has current projects. Each project account may have several users. No one will be allowed access to the imagers without a valid project code and a user account with login privileges.

Account Types

Three kinds of project accounts are available; accounts for funded research, development work and pilot studies.

Funded Accounts
Projects that are supported by grant funding or by industry are billed hourly and may request a regular scanning time on the research scanner schedules. A fund number and billing information must be provided. All applications for a funded account must also provide a Human or Animal Subject Page including the Targeted Enrollment Form from their modular grant or a Budget and Justification page from their non-modular grant. These pages in pdf form must be emailed to Karen Dervin or your account cannot be set up.

Pilot Accounts (unfunded)
It is part of the mission of the Martinos Center to foster innovative and promising lines of research. Toward this goal, the Martinos Center provides the opportunity for researchers without current funding sources or ongoing projects to collect preliminary data to be used to secure funding. Researchers using Pilot Data Accounts may collect data during OPEN hours on the research scanners and MEG system, but will not be assigned a regular scan slot. Accounts are for a fixed number of research hours and are allocated on a case-by-case basis by the Core Management Committee. Researchers granted Pilot Data Accounts are expected to work closely with the Martinos Center staff in conducting preliminary studies and to report the results of these endeavors, including the use of the data in funding proposals and the success of these proposals, to the Martinos Center on request.

Development Accounts (unfunded)
Development Accounts are available to Martinos Center faculty engaged in research for the development of NMR, MEG or TMS, or multimodal hardware, software, and imaging techniques that will be of general use to the Martinos Center community. Please note that Development Accounts will not be granted to individual projects. If you do not have funding for your study, please apply for a Pilot Account.

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