User Meeting

March 10, 2015

Jerry Ackerman presenting

Dr. Leo Cheng convened a Martinos Center retreat dinner meeting in February to discuss the current states of center’s 14T/600MHz NMR spectrometer and scanner, and its prospective for an NIH Shared Instrumentation Grant to update the system. Investigators from the Martinos Center, as well as from other departments within and outside MGH participated in this fruitful discussion.

Bruce Rosen leading the discussion

Dr. Jerry Ackerman summarized the history and updated the current status of system for the group. The 14T/600MHz is an Avance I system Bruker BioSpin from that came online in June 2003 and has since been used to advance a broad range of studies. Investigators are still analyzing and publishing data they have obtained with it.

Dr. Bruce Rosen led the discussions of the group to explore the many ways in which an update of the equipment could benefit researches within and beyond the Center and how best to take the advantage of improvements to the system that may be facilitated by a Shared Instrumentation Grant.


Spectrometer Status - Cont.

March 10,2015

There are now only four shim files in the bsms directory that appear in the RSH list:


Do not under any circumstances alter these files.

They are the starting shims for the corresponding probes. I will do the 10mmBBO probe eventually.

All of the previous shim files have been saved in case you really want them, but they are completely irrelevant and incorrect from this point on anyway.

The shorter list makes selecting shim files much easier. Please do not save excessive numbers of shim files. I will clear old shim files out occasionally.

When shimming the MAS probes don't change the shims that are currently set to zero. Follow the recommendations in the attached manual in the shimming section, except exchange x for y for our system (our probes are rotated in the magnet at 90 degrees from the standard Bruker configuration).

I left a printed copy of the manual on the desk, and I will eventually figure out how to install it with the other help files.

Enjoy our newly enhanced spectral resolution.


Spectrometer Status

March 1, 2015

The shim coil position has been corrected, and the small bore insert has been repaired.

We finally have excellent shimming on the HRMAS and 5mm liquids probes, basically back to the original system spec except for a low level 2.5 Hz vibration at the 0.11% level. You will never notice this in routine work. It could be caused by conduction through the quench duct, which does not have a fully flexible connection. Most other installations.

Water suppression on the HRMAS probe is excellent.

Igor will email instructions on shimming the MAS probes tomorrow, and I will distribute them to you. Specifically, you should leave the high order shims set to zero.

The CPMAS probe and its sample transport system need some work.

Some time in the future I will run a simplex autoshim on the 10mm liquids probe.