Healthy Volunteers needed for a research study

Principal Investigator:

Dara S. Manoach, Ph.D.

Department of Psychiatry Massachusetts General Hospital


- We are looking for healthy volunteers between the ages of 18 and 45 to participate in a study on the learning of motor skills.

- Individuals without a diagnosed sleep disorder, substance abuse within the past six months, a history of seizures, or a history of head injury with a prolonged loss of consciousness, who are not taking medications for psychiatric conditions, and who don’t have a history of neurological or psychiatric conditions, may be eligible to participate.


- We are interested in seeing whether a sleep medication will help people with schizophrenia sleep better and do ordinary tasks better.

Subject participation:

- Participation requires two overnight stays on two occasions (four nights total) at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

- You will perform a computerized finger tapping task several times, complete some tasks using pen and paper as well as some tests on the computer to assess your thinking and day-to-day function, and have your sleep monitored overnight.

- During each stay you will take either a sleep medicine or a placebo (an inactive tablet) before going to sleep.

- You may be asked to have an MRI if you don't have scans on file with us.

- Your confidentiality will be assured.


- You will be paid between $420 - $510 for participation. Meals are also provided


- If you think you are eligible and may be interested in participating, please call Tessa Vuper at (617)-726-1908 or email